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Our Bakery staff works diligently to provide our display cases with a wide selection of sweets and treats for you to choose from. Our courteous customer service team will assist you in selecting and boxing a delectable display to take to your destination.
Here’s a list of what you may see…..
Tiramisu Apple Turnovers Suspiri 3” Banana Cream
Rice Crispy Squares Raspberry Turnovers Truffles 3” Chocolate Cream
Andy Bars Blueberry Turnovers Cheesecake Slices 3” Lemon Meringue
Large Cannoli Mousse Filled Tulip Shells Fudge Brownies Banana Boats
Small Cannoli Cupcakes Napoleons Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
Assorted Towers Mini Cupcakes Italian Rum Cake Half Moons
Lemon Squares Pecan Diamonds Mocha Rounds Rum Savoy
Apple Squares Large Fruit Tarts Eclairs Sviodelli
Raspberry Squares Whoopie Pies Bismarks Lobster Tails
Fig Squares Alpine Slices Ganache cake slice Carrot Cake Slices
Date Nut Squares Flat Tires Icicles Rum Babba
And much more! Our case is stocked daily with new and creative pastries along with traditional favorites.
Gourmet Breads  
Watch for other varieties and feature flavors!  
Bostonie 2 pound hard crust Italian Bread $2.99 each
Spuckie (sub roll $0.89 each
Bread Bowl $1.59 each
Snow Flake Rolls $2.99 dozen
Dinner Rolls $2.99 dozen
Portuguese Sweet Bread $3.49 each
Rosemary Focaccia Bread $3.99 each
Chabatta Bread $3.99 each
Banana Bread Loaf $6.99 each
Pumpkin Bread Loaf (seasonal) $6.99 each
All the items on this page go great with a cup of our gourmet coffee!  
Each day our cookie case is filled with Italian cookies and a variety of Large cookies. Here you can find:
Chocolate Chip $1.99
Chocolate Chip Nut $1.99
Chocolate Chip M & M $1.99
Oatmeal $1.99
Frosted Oatmeal $1.99
Peanut Butter $1.99
Peanut Butter Reese's $1.99
Peanut Butter Fudge $1.99
Peanut Butter M & M $1.99
Fudge $1.99
Fudge M & M $1.99
Fudge Reese's $1.99
Amaretti Horseshoe Cookies $2.59 each
“S” Cookies $8.99 per lb.
Colored Italian Cookies $8.99 per lb.
Champagne Cookies $8.99 per lb.
Quasamali Biscotte $12.99 per lb.
Chocolate Hazelnut Biscotte $12.99 per lb.
Anise Toast Biscotte $12.99 per lb.
Raspberry Bow Tie $12.99 per lb.
Rugalach $12.99 per lb.
Greek Cookies $12.99 per lb.
Pistachio Cookies $12.99 per lb.
Amaretti Cookies $12.99 per lb.
Sesame Cookies $12.99 per lb.
Cookie Assortments also available during the Holidays
Fresh Baked Danish, Muffins & Croissants
Made from scratch and baked everyday!
Butter Croissants $2.59
Blueberry & Cheese Croissants $1.99
Strawberry & Cheese Croissants $1.99
Chocolate Croissant $1.99
Spinach and Feta Croissants $2.99
Ham and Cheese Croissants $2.99
Cinnamon Twists $1.99
Scones $1.99
Round Fruit Danish $1.99
Fruit Filled Figure 8 $1.99
Fruit and Cheese Figure 8 $1.99
Cinnamon Coffee Roll $1.99
Muffin $1.99
Muffin with butter $2.49
½ Dozen Muffins $10.99
1 Dozen Muffins $20.99
Muffin selection includes:
Lemon Poppy Blueberry Peanut Butter Chip
Chocolate Chip Corn Pumpkin Raisin
Banana Chocolate Chip Morning Glory Bran Raisin
Banana Nut Apple Cinnamon Zucchini
Cranberry Nut    
Be sure to watch for feature Muffin Selections!