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Beverage Bar
  Sm. Med. Lg. Xlg.
Coffee $1.79 $2.19 $2.39 $2.59
Iced Coffee $2.19 $2.59 $2.89
Fresh O.J. $1.99
Energy Drink $2.79
Bottled Soda, Water, Juice, Iced Tea and Milk $1.79
Latte $2.99 $3.29 $3.49
Cappuccino $2.99 $3.29 $3.49
Iced Cappuccino $3.79 $3.99 $4.19
Espresso Short $1.79 Double $2.29
Extra cup/Ice Water $.50
Our own Signature Hot Chocolate!
Made with5 milk, the way it should be!
Cold Brew $2.89 $3.29 $3.49
Hot Chai Tea $2.09    $2.49 $2.99    $3.49   
Iced Chai Tea $2,69 $3.49 $4.29
Hot Chocolate $1.99 $2.39 $2.49 $2.79
Andyman Coffreezy!
  Sm. Med. Lg.
A Blended Frozen Flavored Coffee Drink $3.49 $4.39 $4.99

Available in:
  • Coffee
  • Chocolate Decadence
  • Extreme Toffee Coffee
  • Vanilla
  • Lemon
  • Red Velvet
  • Mocha Frappe
  • Caramel Latte
  • Mint Chocolate Chip
  • White Chocolate
  • Coconut Cream
Add a gourmet chocolate, caramel, or white chocolate syrup and whipped cream for just $.50
Fruit Smoothies
  Sm. Med. Lg.
Fruit Smoothies $3.49 $4.39 $4.99

Available in:
  • Banana
  • Mango
  • Strawberry
  • Peach
  • Wildberry
  • Pina Colada
  • Strawberry Banana
Top it with whipped cream at no extra charge!
Fresh Brewed Iced Tea
Available in:
  • Organic Black Tea
  • Mango Tea
  • Island Breeze Tea
A large variety of hot teas are available
Dessert Wines

Jewel Towne Vineyards - Rhapsody In Blue
Served chilled ithios “Nectar of the Gods” is rich in honey and apricot flavors and will compliment most cheese and fruit filled desserts, or just to enjoy on its own.

- Swedish Hill - Vignoles Late Harvest
Made from grapes allowed to ripen until the first freeze.  This dessert wine offers rich flavors of apricots, honey and melon, an excellent compliment to cheesecake!
Rare Specialty Wines and Local Favorites

- Swedish Hill - Blanc de Blanc Sparkling Wine
Straight from the Finger Lakes Region of New York comes this fragrant semi-dry wine.  Rich in depth and complexity and made from the Cayuga White Grape.  Easy drinking on its own or with caviar.
A wide selection of Jewell Towne Vinyards

This full bodied, semi-sweet wine has enticing hints of orange blossom and honey and compliments most anise flavored cookies and pastry.

South Hampton Red
A sweet red wine rich with cherry and strawberry flavors.  Served chilled it compliments most fruit filled or fresh fruit desserts.

Marechal Foch
A slightly sweet medium bodied red wine rich in cherry and red fruit aromas.  Served at room temperature, it goes great with most B.B.Q. style foods or Middle Eastern Cuisine.

An off dry rose wine with rich fresh strawberry, pineapple, and mulberry aromas.  Served slightly chilled,washes well with most fresh fruits even in chocolate!

A clean, crisp white wine with hints of grapefruit and pepper served chilled.  It’s a great compliment to most seafood and fish dishes.

“Zinfully Sweet”  This late harvest red made from Zinfandel Grapes has intense flavors of blackberry and  red currant.  A truly excellent wine for anytime.
Rare Imported Wines

France - Pineau des Charentes 2003
Aged in oak barrels and rich in fruit taste, this unique blend of grape juice and cognac brandy should be served on ice.  Its smoothness should be enjoyed and savored on its own.
We carry a selection of beers that are hand-crafted and micro brewed in local breweries.